5 wardrobe essentials for women


“I’ve nothing to wear!” Sound familiar? We’ve been there too, so we decided to put together a few wardrobe essentials for women that will ensure you have something that’s perfect to wear for every occasion.

Of course, your wardrobe essentials must include the pieces that portray your approach to fashion and your mood; pieces that tide you across every occasion, stylishly. Here are our top 5 picks:

The little black dress

This one’s a classic! The LBD is a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. Get one that flatters your figure and ups your style quotient. Whatever the neckline – high neck, scooped, a conservative V-neck or draped, they all look equally elegant. Sleeveless is a great choice for day and night, even during summer or winter. Make sure it fits well, has a simple, flattering cut, is conservative, crafted from seasonless fabric and comfortable.

The little black dress looks even more elegant with a touch of black lace. Or, you could up the glamour quotient with a complete lace-covered back that conservatively reveals your figure. It is best worn with minimal adornment. A single signature piece lends a classy look.

The jumpsuit

You may not beave expected the humble jumpsuit to make it to the list of wardrobe staples, but we assure you it’s the most versatile and fun garment you’ll ever own. In fact, the jumpsuit has carved for itself, a stylish niche in the world of high fashion.

No longer an overlooked ensemble, the jumpsuit can be your go-to piece for casual weekend outings when worn with keds or flat sandals. Or, you can dress it up for a night on the town with heels and some bling. A touch of lace adds unexpected feminity and charm to this apparel. If you don’t have one already, go out and treat yourself to a chic jumpsuit that oozes style.

A white shirt

Look effortlessly chic in a simple, crisp white shirt. This timeless piece can make you feel feminine, sexy, bold, and badass, all at the same time. Wear it with tailored formal pants if you’re a power professional getting ready to seize the day. Or, for a more casual look, don a simple pair of jeans to chill in. Just remember, the lighter the fabric, the more formal it is.

You could also try a charming white blouse for an interesting twist. Simple and elegant, you can wear one in a soft material for the utmost comfort. Choose one with lace and frills to add a little something extra to your look.

Black pants

This Monday-through-Sunday staple is just what you need, whether it be for work or for an evening out. Find the perfectly tailored pants, with a slight high-rise, and a straight or tapered leg. These can easily take the place of your jeans as they’re comfortable and versatile. Wear it with a tank top and jacket for a dinner date, or a cute top for a more casual setting. Add a touch of jewelry for some sparkle.

A long dress

You have the little black dress, and then you have the not-so-little-dress that’s perfect for elegant evenings and dinner parties. You should have a stunning, flowing long dress that skims your figure and adds a gorgeous feminine touch. Go for a neckline that flatters your form, and sleeves of the length that makes you comfortable.

The long dress looks classy in most colours and is a great wardrobe staple. Choose signature accessory pieces to enhance the overall look.

If you’d like to talk to us about wardrobe essentials for women and about your fashion style choices, do visit our website or get in touch.

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