Meet Juliette, a true Parisian girl and a French fashion designer reaching out to all corners of the globe for conscious inspiration. Being a working mother of 2, she knows exactly what it means to juggle a busy schedule. This is why she started designing clothes for her friends and all the women like her, who are trying to do, be and feel their best in their multifaceted, everyday life.

“I want to make them look and feel the way I see them: beautiful and inspiring!” says Juliette.

This is how Capsule by Juliette started.



“I couldn’t find the perfect professional and versatile, elegant yet easy-to-wear outfit – so I designed it. First came my interpretation of my all-time favourite, which is now my signature outfit and best seller, the jumpsuit. Then came dresses, skirts, trousers, playsuits and tops. Voilà, Capsule by Juliette was born!”

This is a collection of sophisticated basics with that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’. Sleek, but always adorned with feminine details, conscious, utterly elegant, flattering, and very pleasant to wear. Each season comes with new prints, made exclusively for Capsule by Juliette, and designed to add flavour to the monochromatic pieces of the collections.

“I want to design an effortlessly chic wardrobe of affordable luxury pieces for a real and happy life!” says Juliette.

jumpsuit and co capsule by juliette
inspired by women capsule by juliette



Juliette was first inspired by her grandmother – the embodiment of Parisian chic. Beautiful, and always dressed simply, but very elegantly. 

“My grandmother taught me the fashion principles that I cherish today: never wear more than 3 colours at a time, always wear quality clothes in nice materials, buy less but only high-end fabrics that are long-lasting and flattering, like crepe georgette, silk, pure cotton, cashmere…

She brought me to fashion shows and taught me how to walk in high heels. I learnt from her how to associate colours like black and blue, how wearing white can brighten your face and red lipstick can be a beautiful contrast to my pale skin and dark hair. I also learnt about healthy habits like drinking a lot of water and exercising every day. And if you keep a good balance, you can still indulge in champagne and parties.”



Inspired by women and nature, Capsule by Juliette is about limited collections of timeless and conscious pieces, created to resist the test of time and trend. They are made using the softest natural fabrics, respectful of local, traditional know-how, and printed with eco-friendly and harmless inks.

Capsule by Juliette tries to limit wastage by controlling stocks and we use every single fabric we buy. We ensure fair work and pay conditions for our producers, while offering the best value for money to our customers by cutting all intermediaries and unnecessary expenses. It’s time to return to a personal and conscious relationship with your wardrobe and focus on the style that truly appeals to you.

slow fashion women capsule by juliette



In addition to her signature jumpsuits and Parisian chic fashion for women, having a background in high jewelry made it natural for Juliette to offer a jewelry collection. Staying true to the concept of the brand, these delicate pieces are timeless and bring a touch of sophistication to any look. They are exquisitely handcrafted from 18K gold vermeil, and are the perfect accessories to Capsule by Juliette garments.



Juliette Capillaire hails from Paris, France. She has carved a career in the luxury jewelry and watchmaking industry with the Richemont group (Van Cleef & Arpels, and Vacheron Constantin) before exploring her creative pursuits and guiding her sense of detail and luxury into her own collections.

Juliette founded Jules & Juliette, a luxury clothing label for children in 2013, and Capsule by Juliette in 2016 in Singapore where she now has a store. Capsule by Juliette is also sold internationally, online.

In 2020, Juliette moved to Shanghai, China, welcoming a new opportunity to introduce her brand to a new audience.

juliette story capsule by juliette