I’m Juliette – a true Parisian girl, a French fashion designer reaching out to all corners of the globe for conscious inspiration. A mother of 2 and a working mum, I know exactly what it means to juggle a busy schedule! This is why I designed clothes for my friends and all women like me, who are trying to do, be and feel their best in their hectic everyday life.

I wanted to make them look and feel the way I see them: beautiful, inspiring & amazing!

This is how Capsule by Juliette started.

capsule by juliette fashion for women singapore
juliette capillaire fashion designer singapore capsule by juliette


I couldn’t find the perfect, professional yet versatile, elegant yet easy-to-wear outfit. So I designed it. First came my interpretation of my all-time favourite, and now my signature outfit and best seller, the jumpsuit. Then came dresses, skirts, trousers, playsuits and tops. Voilà, Capsule by Juliette was born!

A collection of essential basics, with a French ‘je-ne-sais-quoi’, sleek but always adorned with feminine details, conscious, utterly elegant, flattering, and so pleasant to wear. The effortlessly chic wardrobe for a real and happy life!

fashion for women singapore capsule by juliette
capsule by juliette fashion for women


Inspired by Nature and Women, Capsule by Juliette is about limited collections of timeless & conscious pieces, created to resist the test of time and trends. They are made in the softest natural fabrics, respectful of local traditional know-how, and printed with eco-friendly and harmless inks.

We try to limit wastage by controlling stocks and we use every single fabric we buy, ensuring fair work and pay conditions for our producers while offering the best value for money to our customers by cutting all intermediaries and unnecessary expenses.

It’s time to return to a personal and conscious relationship with your clothes and focus on the style that truly appeals to you.

slow fashion women capsule by juliette