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5 pieces to build a stylish capsule wardrobe for women

Many have discussed the importance of a capsule wardrobe for women, but have you heard of something even more niche – the stylish women’s wear capsule? A capsule wardrobe consists of a minimal number of interchangeable pieces that come together to create an outfit for every occasion. Timeless and essential garments are usually found in […]

Fashion for the Year of the Tiger

Daisy silk skirt Tiger print women fashion capsule by juliette

Fashion for the Year of the Tiger This Lunar New Year, we wave goodbye to the Ox and welcome the distinguished Tiger. An enthusiastic celebration of winter’s end and the onset of spring, the Chinese New Year is a much-awaited festival, one that promises adventure and new beginnings. And one way to honour the dynamic […]

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5 reasons to wear cashmere

Wukanglu off white cashmere sweater women fashion capsule by juliette

Great style transcends season and occasion. And what better than luxurious cashmere to elevate the style quotient and make women look and feel not just good, but warmly comfortable too? But first, what is cashmere? It’s the soft, fine fibre from the undercoat of certain goats. This downy layer is protected by another layer, which […]

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What is the difference between fine, semi-fine and fashion jewelry?

Bliss onyx ring women jewelry capsule by juliette 1

The concept of jewelry isn’t new. Some of our early ancestors chose to adorn themselves with shells, pebbles, and carved animal bones and teeth. In fact, there must be something special about jewelry that has led people to enjoy adornment since ancient times. Today, we are just as enchanted by the sparkle of an earring […]

Why is jewelry important in fashion?

Wild labradorite necklace women jewelry capsule by juliette

Fashion trends constantly evolve, but jewelry steadfastly remains an accessory that women turn to. Nothing can make an ensemble shine quite like jewelry can. It also makes the perfect statement for self-expression. “Jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique.” — Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry changes the way your […]

Why loungewear is the new fashion trend

sleeveless pyjama top women fashion capsule by juliette

2020 changed our lives in a big way. It’s also safe to say it dramatically changed the way we dress. With the need to socially distance ourselves and work from home, those svelte party dresses and smart office wear have seen the inside of our wardrobes for almost a year now. However, fashion evolves, through […]

The Parisian style of dressing: a women’s fashion guide

There’s something about Parisian fashion that sets it apart as undeniably timeless and classic. From casual elegance to effortless chic, the Parisian style is unique, lending generously to that certain je ne sais quoi that Parisian women seem to possess.  In the words of the legendary French fashion designer, Coco Chanel – “Dress shabbily and […]

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