Fashion for the Year of the Tiger

Daisy silk skirt Tiger print women fashion capsule by juliette
Butterfly silk dress Tiger print women fashion capsule by juliette
Sophie silk top midnight blue women fashion capsule by juliette

Fashion for the Year of the Tiger

This Lunar New Year, we wave goodbye to the Ox and welcome the distinguished Tiger. An enthusiastic celebration of winter’s end and the onset of spring, the Chinese New Year is a much-awaited festival, one that promises adventure and new beginnings. And one way to honour the dynamic Year of the Tiger is through the tradition of fashion and style – getting brand new clothes for an auspicious year ahead.

The tiger is a majestic beast and a revered animal of the jungle. With its dynamic personality, which shifts from calm to fiery in the blink of an eye, it inspires us to be fearless, yet sensitive. The Year of the Tiger aptly symbolises strength and bravery. When you translate these attributes to fashion, the tiger inspires a distinct style. 

You are already familiar with animal prints that bear bold tiger stripes. But then, there are also subtle prints that represent the tiger in creative and artistic designs, combining every aspect of the tiger’s personality in an elegant and seamless way. 

Capsule by Juliette creations have always been inspired by nature, and the new limited edition tiger-inspired collection for the Chinese New Year offers a creative and tasteful range of pieces that bring you all the attributes of the magnificent tiger. For an occasion as symbolic as this and an inspiration as fearless as the tiger, this collection could only have been designed in a befitting fabric – pure silk. When it comes to your style and expressing yourself, dare to go from the classics to our new fiery collection. Let your wardrobe reflect new patterns of dynamism and passion with fashion for the Year of the Tiger.

The reversible bomber jacket is a must-have from our collection, with its elegant tiger print on one side, and smooth midnight blue on the other. It is the quintessential piece that combines a smart and sophisticated look and ties together, the rest of your outfit.

If you’d prefer something that oozes sensuality and puts you in the centre of the fashion spotlight, go for the Sophie top in midnight blue, or printed with our exclusive tiger print. This racerback top with its delicate gold straps and scoop neck can raise your glam quotient just like that! Our strapless printed jumpsuit can work the same magic on a special night out. Take an extra minute in front of the mirror, to admire the way the silk hugs your curves and makes a statement. 

If you’re going away for the weekend, the sleeveless butterfly dress in tiger print is perfect. Casually charming yet party-ready with the right pieces of jewelry, you have a winner with this dress. 

The Chinese New Year collection also includes basic pants, skirts and tops, for those who feel comfortable and beautiful in these clothing choices. You can find them with the exclusive tiger print, to add that little X-factor to your look. After all, the tiger is considered among China’s favourite zodiac animals – second, perhaps, only to the dragon! Admired for its strength and grace, you can have the very same attributes through our limited edition collection, which proudly presents designs that are timeless enough to be in style when the tiger revisits in 2034. 

This Year of the Tiger, unleash your true spirit and be fearlessly you!

At Capsule by Juliette, our collection of limited edition pieces in celebration of the Chinese New Year brings a message of adventure and encourages trying new styles that reveal dazzling facets of your personality. You can get in touch to know more about fashion for the Year of the Tiger and our other creations.

You can also visit our website to discover our elegant jewelry and timeless French fashion for women.


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