Gemstones in jewelry and their meaning

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Jewelry has always held a special place in a women’s heart. Since ancient times, it has been a go-to accessory, adding a sparkle to her look and that special touch to her outfit. But more than that, it has added a feeling of beauty and a note of confidence in her step.

Jewelry can mean many things to women – a style statement, a symbol of commitment, a reflection of personality and more. The best thing is that carefully selected pieces can bring out your features, highlight your preferences and lend a quality of elegance. You can do so much with jewelry – and jewelry can do so much for you!

Natural gemstones in jewelry

There’s a certain earthy quality and beauty about natural stones that make them very attractive in jewelry. Natural stones have been created in nature for millions of years but their popularity is more recent. Part of this popularity arises from their beautiful colours and the lovely designs that are naturally formed in them, while part of it stems from old legends, folklore and natural medicine, which believe that natural stones possess symbolic properties and powers. Either way, gemstone jewelry is beautiful, has a raw appeal, and creates a stylish, ethnic-chic look that works perfectly for both casual and formal occasions.

Natural stones have a unique charm. They are available in a wide range of colours, from cool, earthy shades and pastels, to warm, fiery colours that dazzle with their brilliance. Quiet or expressive, they enrich your ensemble. Set them in beautiful gold or silver jewelry, and they open more options for pairing with your outfit or mood! You can choose from a single statement piece such as a purple opal necklace or pendant earrings with mother of pearl and gold medallions. Or, you could select a delicate bracelet with intense lapis lazuli or an elegant ring set with rhodochrosite that you can stack with similar rings that flaunt other natural stones. Each piece of gemstone jewelry can start a conversation, lift your spirits and make you feel good.

Gemstone meaning

Gemstones carry various powers. Set in jewelry, they are worn close to the body, which increases their strength. Certain gemstones have more than one property, for example, you can find protective qualities along with healing powers. So, you can choose the properties, or the combination of properties that you want or need in your life. Here are a few powers that gemstones behold and can bring into your realm.


These gemstones offer protection to the wearer. You could imagine them as possessing a force field that keeps bad vibes and negative energy away from you. Protective stones also keep you centred and focussed. They radiate an energy that resonates with your surroundings and creates a safe and peaceful environment.

There are various natural stones that provide protection. When choosing yours, go with your intuition and choose the stone that you feel most drawn towards.

Holding these stones, wearing them or keeping them close to you can help you stay within their protective radius. Jewelry is, of course, the easiest way to have them on your person and benefit from their power. Wear a labradorite necklace to surround you with its protective energies, or steer away from harmful influences with a lapis lazuli bracelet. Other stones that are strong in their protective energies are garnets, moonstone, citrine, amethyst and opal.


Can a gemstone bring unconditional love and passion into your life? It is certainly believed so! Certain stones can attract love and draw people meant to be in your life. Others prepare you to receive the love you have been waiting for. Still other crystals and stones bring balance and love into the relationships you are already in. Love also means self-love, and there are stones that keep you committed to your own happiness and wellbeing.

The blushing rose quartz is a powerful stone that attracts unconditional love and self-love into your life. Rhodochrosite is another heart stone that will lead you to love. You might consider wearing a pair of lovely creole earrings with rhodochrosite charms to ensure that your heart stays open to fresh possibilities while also realising that your needs matter just as much. Chrysocolla is associated with peace, tranquillity, intuition, patience and unconditional love, and wearing pendant earrings with stacked chrysocollas on a long chain will also add to your style quotient.


Every heart holds joy – and it’s waiting to be unlocked! Happiness and joy are always within you, and do not come from external means. Certain gemstones help unlock that joy and bring it to the forefront in a consistent way.

Strawberry quartz is one such, with an energy like no other. A sister stone to rose quartz, the strawberry quartz is lighter and more joyous. This stone of joy helps you notice the happy and pleasant side of life and increases optimism and positivity. A beautiful and inspiring strawberry quartz bracelet would keep your heart open to happiness and joy and make you grateful for the simple pleasures in life. The alexandrite, green jade and tourmaline are also symbols of joy.


The right natural stones can encourage mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. They are capable of balancing and harmonising your own energy within your body and creating an aura of wellbeing in your energy field. Healing could take the form of healing from heartbreak, enhancing your self-love and even clearing away negative thoughts and emotions.

Rose quartz, a stone that attracts unconditional love, also helps balance, calm and heal your mind, body and spirit while deepening your relationships. Opal gently assists emotional healing, and wearing a necklace with an opal pendant is a great idea to ease into the process. The vivid blue lapis lazuli is also a healing stone, and you could wear a beautiful bracelet with these stacked gemstones if you need healing.


Finding peace of mind and tranquillity in this fast-paced world is precious. In fact, slowing down and simplifying your life is key to finding peace. Certain natural stones are attuned towards promoting inner peace, helping you remain connected to your true self and finding a calmer, more tranquil place in your mind.

Chrysocolla is associated with peace, as well as love. You could wear a chrysocolla necklace to allow peace to flow through you. Pink calcite, amethyst and larimar are all stones with an ethereal quality that encourage tranquillity.

Choose your gemstones with care, and wear them with confidence and joy!

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