Interview with Juliette Capillaire, French designer

interview with juliette capillaire capsule by juliette
interview with juliette capillaire capsulebyjulieette
interview with juliette capillaire capsulebyjulieette

When you think of Capsule by Juliette, you no doubt think of the brand’s stylish French fashion for women. Behind each brand, there is a creative and inspiring business owner. 

I’m Juliette Capillaire, a French fashion designer who wishes to make women feel beautiful and inspired through my collections. Get to know me better through this interview:

What is your background?

I have worked in the luxury jewelry and watches industry for many years. My work with prestigious brands like Dinh Van, Poiray, Van Cleef & Arpels, Vacheron Constantin centered around marketing, sales and retail. Operating in these divisions has given me a sense of detail which has proved immensely beneficial to me, with regard to my brand. It has also taught me how to efficiently attend to my customers and showed me why providing them with superlative service is essential. 

Tell us something about your business:

Capsule by Juliette began with the search for the perfect jumpsuit. When I couldn’t find one, I decided to design one myself. That’s how I started designing women’s fashion, for active women like me. Quite naturally, the jumpsuit is my signature piece, with many design options. My collections are women’s essentials with a French ‘je-ne-sais-quoi’. They are sleek, bearing feminine details or exclusive prints, flattering, and very pleasant to wear, as comfort is quintessential for me. The effortlessly chic wardrobe for a real and happy life!

Capsule by Juliette is inspired by nature and women, and presents limited collections of conscious pieces that transcend time and trend. They are created using soft, natural fabrics, respectful of the traditional know-how, and printed with eco-friendly and harmless inks. 

My 3 favorite wardrobe essentials:

  • A white dress; Kyra dress
  • A block printed top; Kyra to Spring Bloom
  • An easy to wear yet stylish jacket; Bomber jacket Secret Garden

Why did you set up your business in Singapore?

My first business was a luxury kids’ clothing brand named Jules&Juliette. I set this up in Dubai in 2013, after which I launched Capsule by Juliette in 2016, a women’s fashion label. A few months later, we moved to Singapore, where Capsule by Juliette grew quite quickly and in order to dedicate all my time to it, I sold Jules&Juliette in 2018. 

Singapore was ideal for Capsule by Juliette as it saw immediate demand from the expat community, followed by the local community. People also came to know of me and my brand through fairs, pop-ups, and my website. Soon, opening a store became a very real possibility – something that may not necessarily happen in all the big capitals around the world.

What was the most difficult challenge to overcome on your entrepreneurial journey?

As an auto-entrepreneur, you need to do everything yourself. Right from design to production follow-up, marketing and sales to finance. While I have studied in a business school, it doesn’t give you all the skills you need! So this is what has been most challenging – doing everything, even the things you don’t know or like doing. 

Of course, as your business develops, you try to find the right people to support you, either consultants or employees. They complement your skills and help you achieve your goals and help grow your company. 

What are the next steps for your company?

My goal for 2019 was to launch a jewelry collection and open a shop in Singapore, which was successfully done last October in Cluny Court. I recently also launched my first pair of sandals, in collaboration with Mathilde, a good friend from Dubai and the designer of With My Sands

2020 saw a new move and adventure for my family. We’re now in Shanghai!

My next step is ensuring that my brand continues to evolve as a lifestyle concept, with fashion and accessories, in Singapore of course, but also more globally.

We know you’re super busy – as all business owners are, no doubt – but when you have the time to relax, any favorite shows or activities?

I enjoy reading more than watching TV, but recently, I watched “La Casa de Papel” and “10%” a fun French series, just to take my mind off things during this ongoing pandemic. 

Often, the most interesting things about that person can’t be learned from a resume. What do you think is the most interesting thing about you, that your resume wouldn’t tell us?

My resume will tell you that I have been a passionate dancer and yogi for many years and that I love reading classic and contemporary literature, especially novels. It won’t, however, tell you that I am a caring and loving mum – albeit without too much patience, lol! Especially with the home learning that’s been happening of late. Also, you won’t read that my cabinets at work are meticulously organized while my desk is a mess! I am typically Virgo – both wise and foolish! 

Building a great team takes time. It’s not easy to find the right fit – like, the people who share the same work values, have the same vision for your business and have a sense of humor. If you could hire any 5 people – people you know, celebrities…anyone – whom would you bring into your team?

My husband (only if I’m his boss, lol)! He is a great adviser and manager.

A full-time accountant!

Isabel Marant to help me design my next collection! I’m a huge fan!

A very experienced marketing manager.

And Marie Nadal Sharma to work with me 100 percent.

Inspiration can come from anywhere…a picture, a bike ride, the lyrics of a song, a pet, or even a gorgeous sunset. But people have the power to inspire us like none other! There is always someone we look up to, someone we admire. Who has inspired you in your life, and in what way?

My grandmother has been my greatest inspiration. She led her life the way she wanted, working hard and running her husband’s company when he died, a time when her daughters were 10 and 12. She was always, always stylish and elegant and everyone loved her! 

A few tips for new entrepreneurs?

Listen to your gut feeling. And always dare!

What is your motto, for business and for life?

Slow fashion, when it comes to fashion.

In life, never give up!

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