My top 5 Singapore fashion brands to shop online

If you’re truly dedicated to style and all things fashion, you might want to discover some homegrown Singapore fashion brands. Right from beauty products to fashion accessories to home décor, Singapore boasts brands that truly make the cut in the lifestyle arena. The best thing is, you can shop online from on the go or from the convenience of your couch!

Here are the top Singapore fashion brands that I love to shop online. You could explore the various facets of lifestyle shopping here too:

Home décor at Stylodeco
Stylish homes need elegant and sophisticated decor. Stylodeco is your answer to effortlessly chic interiors with a French touch. You can journey through a range of homeware to help you create warm, welcoming spaces that are both beautiful and nurturing.

You can browse through furniture and inspirational lighting ideas, linens, decorative pieces, wall décor, dining requirements and more.
Find out more on the Stylodeco website.

Jewelry at Studio Emoi
Studio Emoi shapes its jewelry concepts around ‘less is more’. If you’re looking for something minimalist, chic and trendy, you know where to find the perfect pieces. This handcrafted and customized jewelry brand offers an elegant way to express your personality through signature pendant necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings.

I especially like that the jewelry is crafted from noble metals. Their secret lies in quality, in the distinct selection of the materials and the intricate workmanship that results in sentimental pieces that speak to you.
Explore stylish creations on the Studio Emoi website.

Beauty at alche{me}
alche{me} brings 40 years of skincare experience backed by tests in Japan, Korea and Europe to bring you products that are uniquely formulated to suit your skin’s requirements. It guarantees results and reformulates if necessary, to transform your skin, effortlessly.

This beauty brand is not just about personalized skincare; it’s about conscious skincare. alche{me} uses innovative technology that manufactures custom-formulated skincare solutions on demand, in an effort to reduce the carbon footprint on the planet. Look no further for the perfect personalized skincare regimen. You can begin with a consultation.
Find out more on their website.

Shoes at Anothersole
Anothersole offers comfort and affordable luxury in various colors and designs of leather footwear. It combines technology for all the comfort of a running shoe with the beauty of a classic leather dress shoe. The result is light footwear that you can work in, walk around town in, and also party in. Anothersole believes in purposeful designs, marrying class and comfort into versatile footwear.
Explore footwear designs on their website.

Bags at LINGWU
LINGWU creates luxurious handbags and vintage accessories for the modern woman. This sophisticated brand boasts a slower pace and process where attention to detail is of paramount importance. The bags are created using sustainably sourced exotic skins. They don’t just answer to fashion trends but are intended to accompany the modern, independent woman through time.
Find out more on the website.

If you’d like to know more about Singapore fashion brands or about our French fashions for women at Capsule by Juliette, visit our website or get in touch.

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