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Explore our new winter collection of cashmere sweaters for women

Gear up for the winter in luxury, style and warmth! Capsule by Juliette is proud to introduce its very first cashmere collection of luxurious sweaters and jackets for women.


Explore high-quality knits from our collection of ultra-soft and breathable cashmere and silk sweaters featuring our signature puff sleeves and V-neck. Very feminine, very chic, they pair beautifully with your pants, jeans or skirts.


Capsule by Juliette is all about timeless and conscious pieces. Our winter collection is created from good quality natural fibres from the Mongolian Highlands, which are ethical, sustainable and traceable. When we combine these natural, luxurious materials with stylish cuts and classic details, the result is fashion pieces that resist time and trend.


Experience the true luxury, beauty and warmth of unrivalled cashmere in women’s designer wear sweaters and jackets that are light, durable and incredibly soft and stylish.

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