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Limited edition fashion for women

Discover our exclusive collection of limited edition fashions for women labelled ‘The Birds’, featuring elegant tops, skirts, pants, jackets, and jumpsuits. These statement pieces have been designed with care and crafted with love so that you feel just as special when you wear them.

The Birds is a mini-collection of exuberant tropical prints. It showcases the work of Milan-based illustrator, Paulina Slebodzinska. Evocative of lush, hummingbird-filled gardens spanning the Canaries and the Caribbean, Slebodzinska has drawn inspiration from old botanical illustrations, and counts iconic 18th-century artists Sydney Parkinson, William Jackson Hooker, and Franz Bauer among her primary references. The exclusive artworks are printed on matte silk crepe and come in two colourways: midnight blue and off-white. The pieces are lightweight and include our signature jumpsuit in a strapless version, a bomber jacket that can be paired with matching short skirt or cigarette pant, and long or short sleeved shirts in fluid lines. Only 20 pieces of each design were created for this special collection.

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