What is the difference between fine, semi-fine and fashion jewelry?

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The concept of jewelry isn’t new. Some of our early ancestors chose to adorn themselves with shells, pebbles, and carved animal bones and teeth. In fact, there must be something special about jewelry that has led people to enjoy adornment since ancient times. Today, we are just as enchanted by the sparkle of an earring or the jangle of bracelets on the wrist. Jewelry has evolved through the ages and is now made from different metals and gemstones. However, in the end, each piece is precious and meaningful to the person wearing it.  

While all jewelry is valuable for the beauty it brings, there are three categories into which it may be divided:

  1. Fine jewelry

Crafted using precious metals such as gold, silver, palladium and platinum, these designs may also incorporate genuine precious stones like diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. The purity of the metals ensures a longer life for these jewels and they are also free from tarnishing, so you can wear them every day without risking their damage. And if the piece does bear damage, then it is possible to easily repair it. Resizing is also an option with these jewels.

Of course, all these benefits come with a substantial price tag! However, for those who are willing to splurge, it’s not just a passionate purchase, it’s also an investment. Wedding rings, engagement rings, heirloom jewelry are all good examples. That being said, you don’t have to wait for a big occasion or a landmark event to treat yourself to fine jewelry!

  1. Semi-fine jewelry

Between fine and fashion jewelry is semi-fine jewelry, which usually refers to gold-plated, gold-fill or gold vermeil (solid silver plated with a thick layer of gold) jewelry. The base metal used is usually high-quality sterling silver, which stands the test of time well. The gemstones used are genuine natural stones such as opals, aquamarine, topaz and other such.

Semi-fine jewelry pieces need more care than fine jewelry. Here are some care tips:

– Keep away from water and lotions as they can tarnish the gold plating. So, avoid wearing them in the pool, beach, showering with them, or while working in the garden.

– Take them off before going to sleep

– Don’t put all your jewelry pieces in the same box – they could rub against each other, causing damage.

– Take them off before starting sporting activities that may impact the delicate pieces.

The best thing about semi-fine jewelry is that they are affordable, yet bear a close resemblance to fine jewelry! You can also buy more pieces to match your outfit, as often as you like.

  1. Fashion jewelry

This is typically crafted using metals like brass, bronze and copper, and simulated stones such as cubic zirconia and Swarovski crystals. They could also be made from leather or textiles. Fashion jewelry is easy on your pocket, and great to use to stay on-trend. The only drawback is, they may bend or break easily.

Why jewelry is a woman’s best friend

The modern woman knows why jewelry is important in fashion, and enjoys an effortlessly chic wardrobe, with exquisitely handcrafted jewelry that enhances each outfit and adds flavour to any occasion. She believes in stylish self-expression through artistic jewels, and wears carefully chosen pieces to lift her mood and confidence. This is perhaps why most fashion houses also offer a line of jewelry – because fashion and jewelry are so intrinsically linked, and undeniably desired.

In the search for the perfect accessories, you may have wondered what kind of jewelry to buy. Fine jewelry will always have traditional appeal and an allure through classic designs. On the other hand, semi-fine and fashion jewellery present new, contemporary designs and stylish ways of wearing them. Try stacking gemstone rings, wearing a double chain necklace or layering with two or three chains. Given their affordability, you can splurge a little more for pieces in various styles, and in differing gemstone colours.

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