Where to find chic French lifestyle brands in Singapore

french lifestyle brands in singapore fashion for women capsule by juliette

We’ve all dreamt of Paris…of walking down its picturesque streets in chic Parisian couture, sipping coffee and watching people from quaint outdoor cafés and browsing old editions at the bouquinistes along the banks of the Seine. Some of you have been lucky to experience first-hand, French fashion, history, food…and that something special in the air. And the more you visit this city, the more you miss it when you come away. For those who are yet to discover Paris, there is always the anticipation and wonder of what it will feel like.

But until you get there, here’s a surprise for you! Look closely, and you’ll find a little bit of Paris in Singapore and you get to experience it right where you are! There are many French people living in The Little Red Dot, many inspiring entrepreneurs who bring their passion and products to this fascinating country. Today, I’d like to share a few lifestyle brands that are my favourite French lifestyle brands in Singapore. So sit back and immerse yourself in all things French!

  1. Fashion: Capsule by Juliette

When it comes to style, nothing compares to the effortlessly chic Parisian look. It’s all about wearing clothes that flatter your figure, and are simple yet elegant. French fashionwear brings out your confidence through elegant prints, solid colours, embroideries, and graceful designs.

Capsule by Juliette brings you a collection of such stylish attire, perfectly fitted for every event and occasion – whether it is a formal meeting, a casual outing with friends, or just playtime with your kids. Cut from the softest fabrics, they combine comfort and elegance with finesse. You’ll also find choice accessories for a touch of sophistication.

Shop online at Capsule by Juliette or visit our boutique in Singapore located at Cluny Court, Level 2.

  1. Beauty: alche{me}

Finding the right skincare solution may sound like quite the challenge, but French brand alche{me} has perfected the art of personalized – and conscious skincare through 40 years of skincare experience backed by relevant tests. alche{me} understands that every individual has unique priorities, lifestyle, and skin type, and believes that the skincare routine should be simple and effective. This can only happen if the product is tailored to meet individual needs. And that is exactly what your bottle of alche{me} brings you – personalized formulations from vitamin-enriched botanical actives that works for you.

Find out more at alche{me}.

  1. Flowers: Ask a French

Ask a French is a lifestyle concept that focuses on flowers – and beyond. It derives inspiration from classic still life paintings and nature in its wild, and this is evident from its stunning bouquets for all occasions. Aude, the brainchild behind Ask a French, also conducts floral and lifestyle workshops in her home studio.

Explore the floral universe of Ask a French.

  1. Interior design: Stylodeco

This French interior design brand brings you chic, laid back interiors for your home, creating warm, welcoming spaces where you can make lasting memories with family and friends. There are attractive options for every room, including all the decorative accents that lend character and beauty to your spaces. Enjoy browsing through furniture, linens, lighting and other home décor pieces, all of which Stylodeco can bring together in your home interiors in tasteful, understated and chic ways.

Discover how to add a French touch to your interior with Stylodeco.

  1. Food: Chickpea & Berries

If you’re searching the city for healthy, delicious vegan and vegetarian food, the answer is at your fingertips. Chickpea & Berries is a website that shares easy, flexible recipes for plant-based dishes created by a French expat, passionate about food and nutrition. So why go out and buy when you can make nutritious, delectable food in your own kitchen, following simple recipes? You’ll find everything from breakfast to soups to sides to mains to desserts, neatly catalogued and waiting for you to prepare or re-invent the dishes.

Get amazing recipes at Chickpea & Berries.

We hope you find this a great start to your French experience. Now that you know where to find the best French lifestyle brands in Singapore, all that’s left to do is enjoy each one of them and share your experience!

If you’d like to know more about French fashion for women, get in touch with us at Capsule by Juliette, or visit our website.


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