Women’s jumpsuits and rompers

Formal jumpsuits, casual jumpsuits and rompers for every occasion. Every woman’s closet should have at least one jumpsuit or romper in it! Do you have yours?


our Elodie jumpsuit

One of our favourite pieces of clothing has always been the jumpsuit. Whether you prefer casual jumpsuits or something more elegant, it’s a timeless fashion piece that will turn heads wherever you go. This simple, elegant and versatile outfit is designed to suit any occasion, depending on how you wear it. Dress your jumpsuit up for a night on the town or keep things simple for daywear with a romper, flats and a few casual accessories.
Ultimately, you will wear your jumpsuit in a way that suits you, but first, you have to find the perfect designer jumpsuit that matches your style!

Dressy, elegant jumpsuits, jumpsuits with sleeves, summer rompers – which speaks to your sense of fashion? Juliette tells us the perfect match.

“The perfect match for me? I’ve always been comfortable in jumpsuits and rompers, but I definitely have a special fondness for strapless jumpsuits that allow me to share aspects of my femininity, while still being discreet and tasteful. My only problem was that I was never able to find my ideal jumpsuit on the shelves and rails of my favourite shops and boutiques in Asia. My passion for finding the perfect, professional, yet feminine jumpsuit became so strong, that I took it upon myself to create my own range of ladies jumpsuits and rompers for the Asian market and the rest of the world too!

That is exactly how the Capsule Collection was born,

and with it, the opportunity to offer my style and expertise to women who adore wearing designer jumpsuits as much as I do”.


Jumpsuits and rompers have taken the fashion world by storm!

The last few years we’ve seen the rise in popularity of jumpsuits and rompers. If you’ve worn one you’ll know that they’re comfortable and chic, not at all restrictive and so flattering to the beautiful female form, but that’s all down to the right fit and fabric.
How the fabric of your jumpsuit falls over your curves is an essential part to making it work. It can only fall elegantly if the fit has been designed to accommodate your feminine attributes properly.

Find your perfect jumpsuit online… there is something for every taste!


What is it about the jumpsuit that makes it our go-to fashion item?
There are a host of benefits to wearing ladies jumpsuits:
  • Jumpsuits are effortlessly chic
  • With the right fit, jumpsuits and rompers fall effortlessly and stylishly over your body
  • Comfort is so important for working women and busy moms… jumpsuits are the exact point where style and comfort meet
  • Jumpsuits and rompers are 100% versatile and can be transformed into something entirely new and fresh with the simple addition of accessories

Now you can understand where our undying passion for designing quality ladies jumpsuits and rompers comes from! We want all women to feel beautiful in their second skin and we all deserve it!

Take your time to find the designer ladies jumpsuit that was made for you, the colour that matches your skin tone, and the style that fits your shape and preference!
The Capsule Collection by Juliette has one for everyone – promise!
Buy your divine ladies jumpsuits and rompers online now!


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